Friday 24 February 2017

Setting off to Cambodia's southern islands with a new friend.

I really didn't do what I had planned whilst in Battambang; getting on the bamboo train, seeing the bat caves etc. Instead I chose the days idling away listening to music, reading and generally having quality 'me time'. It had been a stressful few weeks, what with the smuggling and the cow incident, and I regret nothing just spending time relaxing.
 I did make a new friend though who will accompany me on the back of the bike to the southern isles. I only have one month left, exactly, of this trip, and sadly, only around 500-600 miles left of riding before I make it back to Ho Chi Minh - so I'm going to get the most out of this bike journey! Tomorrow we leave in the blistering heat in search of glowing plankton...

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